Pesticides in food

Frightening to accept, that food needed by the consumers worldwide, in the supermarkets, still unprotected. Environmentalists have already been complaining for many years, the residues of dangerous pesticides in fruits, vegetables and salads. But other foods have major impact on pesticide shown to be dangerous to the health and the environment, stressful effects.

But instead of reducing the huge risks to humans, animals and the environment, this knowledge was finally point to recent studies, even those that have grown over the past two years. The so-called black list of dangerous pesticides has been increased from 327 to 451 pesticides.

It’s hard to believe, that in Germany, up to 30,000 tons annually sprayed pesticides on the fields. And while not all pesticides used are completely safe and pure, only for pest control, that are the consumers want from the government. After all, the third designated as the most hazardous pesticides (451 is used worldwide) and in Europe, where only the German consumer receive regular up to 17 different pesticides in their daily food consumption. Bon Appetite!


Basically we mean by a pesticide (from English) a chemical substance, are killed by the help of primary pests. In the conventional factory-farming, an everyday tool optimizes plant growth and harvesting of grain, vegetables, fruits and salads.

With these problems also fertilizers or pesticides can be used to match the yellow so-called list and show no negative impact to the environment and the human body. Responsible farmers also access this option to you.

Conventional food production

The conventional food production is now subject to huge price war. The globalization of markets enables farmers from our resorts hardly a healthy chance of survival. Increased use of high doses of pesticides is therefore essential for many farmers to get the absolutely necessary harvests and thus ensure its own existence to be able to.

Crop failures and low harvests lead quickly to the threat of a court. Therefore, plant pests, may have no chance to spread to the field goods. In contrast, today, however, the expensive, organic food production, unfortunately could not achieve consumer’s absolute support.

The reason for this is certainly an unstable labor market, which guarantees no reliable income, and thus only the cheap grocery shopping, especially at discount stores, allowing the majority of consumers.

Dangers of pesticides

Hazardous pesticide residues in foods are consumed daily around the world. According with it, which shares most of the people of a strong public health threat from unexpectedly? Solve the long term in pesticide residues ingested food from among the people caused cancer, genetic damage, limit fertility, contribute negatively to the immune and nervous systems, etc.

Furthermore, the pesticides harm our groundwater, endangering insects, birds and other animals. The natural cycle is severely impaired, and takes permanent negative consequences into account. One reason, why environmental activists constantly make loud attention to these deplorable conditions and ask the policy and the economy about acting to finally meet.


Consumers can protect themselves simply by the fact that they rely on clearly certified organic products in the grocery. Although not all of consumers can easily afford this luxury, therefore, the action of many supermarkets, which provide a wide selection of organic products at a price/performance ratio same as the conventional food production are commendable.

In addition, consumers will have to demonstrate against these abuses in food production. Finally, it is also about their health and the environment, which must be protected.

Many local farmers have also ask, why organic food in the direct marketing to the most favorable supermarket prices? A perfect way to strengthen both components: the financially fair income for farmers and consumers through direct sales, which are thus supplied with high quality food.


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Organic Food Benefits

The organic trend is not overlooked in the supermarket. More and more people are eating healthier now and take up organic food.

Organic food products from conventional cultivation have many advantages. Their production is not only friendly to the environment, overall they are healthier by their lower levels of pollutants and pesticides for humans. Apart from the health criteria are above all social aspects that can be more and more people resort to food from organic farms.

For the enjoyment of a good conscience is brought into the consciousness of many people. Therefore, the demand increases steadily only after fruits, vegetables and meat from organic agriculture.

Important for our young

The use of chemicals is prohibited in organic farming, almost. Only for the fruit and wine are allowed a few copper and sulfur compounds. One reason why Germany produced nearly 75 percent of baby food from organic products. Even contaminants in food can cause allergies and promote diseases such as cancer. Especially for babies and toddlers, it is therefore important to take as little as possible with pollutants contaminated food for themselves.

The only good side

Sometimes the benefits of biological enjoyment are also clearly evident, because due to the lower water content, the organic meat during frying is difficult. Also, keep some organic vegetables better than their colleagues from the conventional cultivation. Overall, the plants shown in recent years are being particularly resilient. Appropriate choice of varieties, organic fertilizers and a diverse crop rotation make this possible.

Produce and buy

Those who produce organic foods must be kept much more than the actual product in the eye. For the guiding principle of organic farming is a business in harmony with nature.


Although legally permitted, waived organic farmers on chemical means to prevent or control weeds and animal pests in agriculture (synthetic chemical pesticides), easily soluble and, therefore, fast-acting fertilizers or genetically modified or produced ingredients.
Who buys organic food, gets a product that will do less environmental damage and thus lower costs elsewhere caused (say) expensive drinking water treatment. Organic food products are, therefore, their production is strictly controlled, and the consideration of animal welfare in particular.

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Organic Baby Food – Healthy Food from the Beginning

No food subject to such stringent controls as baby food. Although women should not look just after the birth of their baby to a healthy diet and breast-feeding as long as possible, even a balanced diet during pregnancy is important for the development of the unborn. After birth, the baby should be breastfed for as long as possible, because breast milk is still the best and healthiest food for the newborn. It protects it against diseases and helps to build up the immune defenses against pathogens. But eventually the time comes, the need for the little ones accustomed gradually to a normal diet. From about a half a year you can give supplementary food. Whether the baby’s food while itself produces or uses ready-made glasses, there are good reasons to organic baby food to share.
Organic baby food good choice

Conventional food products often contain too many additives remnants of pollutants such as pesticides. Even if the additives are permitted or not exceeded the limits of pesticides, but one has a bad feeling. Children are much more sensitive to those substances than adults, but they are always the basis for the approvals and limits.

In any case, be paid for organic baby food as well as for all other organic products on the marking and the indication of the inspection. One still finds some products that have included in the name of an “organic”, but nothing to do with genuine organic products.

Organic products are generally more expensive than conventional products. This is quite simple, therefore, that are lower in the organic sector with higher labor income. The additional cost of inspection and quality control does the rest.

But you should just take his children in the diet of this extra expenditure like to purchase. Organic baby food is the basis for the healthy development of young players. If we look at when buying seasonal products available and uses discount promotions, the manufacturer or markets to keep the costs within bounds.

Organic products for babies

In general, organic baby food is made, however, be less burdened with pollutants and is therefore classified as healthier foods. Even if you can send her offspring have the luxury that your baby’s broad own cooking, you should only use this organic meat, organic vegetables and organic fruit. For a healthy diet from the first day reinforces for later life.

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Tips to Distinguish Between Original and Forgery

  • Not the images on packages and in advertising trust. Because often, even the foods that are printed on the packaging not included in the content. (Examples of the Consumer Product Hamburg).
  • When you look at grocery shopping on the ingredients list. Example imitation cheese: cheese, Gouda, Emmentaler, etc., may appear only on the packaging, even though processed cheese was real. Terms such as “sandwich plates”, “pavement pizza” or just “baked” are references to imitation products, as well as the components of imitation cheese, e.g. Vegetable fat, milk protein and flavor enhancer. In the “preparation with cheese” was stretched cheese with cheese imitation. (Examples of the Declaration of cheese and imitation)
  • Buy organic products: allowed in organic products are considerably less than in conventional artificial additives.

When you ask a baker or restaurant, what ingredients are used, can be in any doubt, the packaging to show the ingredients.

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Three Kilos of Chocolate are Always Unhealthy – Even if it is Organic

Confusingly is also the motto: Only organic diet is a healthy diet. That you are wrong if you do not have a balanced diet. Organic chocolate for even five pounds a day are unhealthy. Instead, apply: First, you should be careful to eat a balanced diet, only then should you decide whether you want food with residues of chemicals or not.

According to the State Federal Institute for Risk Assessment pesticide residues are safe for us though, because they usually occur only in small quantities. Often, however, limits are exceeded. And every now again – banned for good reason – certain pesticides. And as long-term impact of pesticides on our health, has still not been adequately researched.

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Why Organic Foods are More Expensive

But that also means healthier – more expensive. The higher price for organic produce has the following causes:

* Organic farmers have more work: they lead the animals to pasture, and muck out of the barn.
* Supplementary food, seeds, natural plant and animal breeding in organic quality cost more.
* Organic animals receive age-appropriate food – each stage of development adapted.
* The animals live longer. And they make less meat, produce less milk or eggs.
* Organic products are generally not mass-produced and processed in smaller quantities. They must be strictly separated from other foods.
* Aids such as artificial or nature identical flavors are prohibited: why the manufacturers have a bio-fruit yogurt mingle for example, more fruit.
* Organic farmers must pay for the regular rigorous inspections fees.

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Organic Does Good for The Environment

The best organic food you can buy fresh from the farm, at the weekly market or health food store. There you will find mostly products from farmers’ associations, such as Demeter or organic. These adhere to even stricter guidelines than those of the EU Organic Farming Regulation. Well-run supermarkets offer organic products that are labeled with the EC-ECO-label.

Bio makes you feel good – and the environment. Organic farmers do not use a fertilizer that contains nitrates, and pollute the groundwater, therefore, not with the substance. Because they use chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides is very limited, their products have a more positive environmental impact. For fertilizer and pesticides are manufactured with a lot of energy.

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